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Jen Kingwell's Golden Days
Template of The Month Club

Jen Kingwell's Golden Days <br>  Template  of The Month Club
Templete/Fabric Options: Template and Fabric

Price:  $ 38.99 
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Templete/Fabric Options: Template Only

Price:  $ 19.99 
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Jen Kingwell's Golden Days Template of the Month Program.  Each month you'll receive either a set of acrylic templates or a set of heat-resistant mylar templates.  Blocks may be made by hand or machine.  A Template and Fabric Option is available.

The cost for the Template-Only options is $ 19.99 per month (plus shipping).  The Template/fabric option is $ 38.99 per month (plus shipping).  With this option you will receive 16-20 fat 1/16's each month (except for months that require larger custs- you'll get the same yardage, just in different configuration.

Kits are ready to ship the 3rd week of the month starting in April 2018.  When necessary (with acrylic templates) your kit is mailed in a priority padded envelope.   You can save on shipping costs by joining our Shipping Club.  For $ 50 a year we will ship whatever you order from us at no additional cost.  See suggested products below. 

 We only have a limited number of spots available, so you should register quickly.  If you join us in this adventure, you must commit to participating for all 12 months.  Your credit card will be charged for the first shipment when you order the program.   The first mailing is mid-April.  Once we accept your order, we will contact you for your credit card information to bill the additional 11 months.