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Welcome to LIVE Shopping with The Quilt Crossing!

Each week on Thursdays you'll be able to view our LIVE show, "Rockin the Needle with Laura".  We plan to do our lunchtime lives each week on Thursdays at 12:30pm (MST).  All you need to do is pop over to this section of the store or login to our Facebook page--the viewer should be visible in this window.  All Live sessions will be recorded so you will be able to go back and watch the shows that you weren't able to make it too.  We should be able to keep a dozen or shows available for viewing without blowing out of space we are allowed--time will tell.   When you pop into the LIVE section--say 'hi"...tell us where you are from, we'd love to know.  Over time we hope to bring you better education and more sophisticated camera setup so that it will be easier to see what we are demonstrating.  

If you see something you like, all you’ll need to do is comment the word SOLD and the product number once you see it on the screen. It will give you an option to quickly add the product to your cart making it fast and easy to check out. And if you’re on Facebook or Instagram, it will message you a link to take you to the product page to quickly add to cart and checkout!  Have questions? Call us at 208.376.0087 or email and we'll be glad to help you! We look forward to a whole new way for you to shop our store from the comfort of your own home and engage with other sewists and quilters during the show!