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Shipping & Order Information

Order/Billing Information

When you place an order with us, your credit card is pre-authorized, but not charged. You will receive an email letting you know that.  You receive a receipt with what your card is going to be charged only after your order has been processed.   Orders are processed only after we confirm inventory and shipping costs.  We may need to contact you for additional information.  If necessary, contact is by mail or phone.      Your credit card is charged the day we ship your order.  Currently Paypal does all our credit card processing.

Regular processing and shipping days are Tuesday  and Thursday

Shipping Charges

The computer estimates shipping based on purchase price. We re-figure postage based upon weight of package and destination. That is the charge that will be modified on your order. Many times, this will be less than what's shown when you place your order.  Using Paypal for credit card processing allows us to get better pricing on postage.  

We always ship the least expensive way possible. We use flat rate envelopes and Regional boxes whenever possible.  If  possible, anything weighing over 13 ozs is shipped Priority.  It gets to you faster, includes insurance, and the cost is almost the same as standard rates.  For orders weighing less than 13 ozs we ship First Class.  We add insurance charges on orders over $150.00. 


**Foreign Address Minimum charge $32.95 (Flat Rate Priority Envelope).  If we can mail 1st Class International we do that and adjust the charge.  1st Class International can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.