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Fiskars Package Opener

Fiskars Package Opener- Beat “wrap rage” with a tool that makes opening packaging quick and easy! An essential tool for parents on holidays and birthdays, our Package Opener makes it easy to open virtually any type of packaging in moments so the gift inside can be enjoyed immediately. Sharp, heavy-duty blades that cut all the way to the tip snip cleanly through virtually any type of packaging, and a serrated edge grips while you cut. Additionally, the blades feature a longer design than most hardware snips to help you cut hard-to-reach zip ties or cut at awkward angles. An offset handle helps keep your hands away from the sharp edges of freshly cut packaging, and a spring-action design with Softgrip reduces hand fatigue while cutting. Our Package Opener even includes a pair of small screwdrivers for opening battery compartments.
- Ideal for cutting through plastic packaging, clamshell packaging, zip ties, banding straps and cardboard
- Heavy-duty blades provide excellent cutting performance
- Serrated blade edge grips while you cut
- Longer blade design makes it easy to cut hard-to-reach zip ties or cut at awkward angles
- Offset handle helps keep your hands away from sharp edges of freshly cut packaging
- Spring-action design and Softgrip handle reduce hand fatigue while cutting
- Combination straight and Phillips screwdriver makes opening battery compartments easy
- Length: 8"